An Eventful Footprint of CDL in Northern India

In its existence of over three decades in India, Chhattisgarh Distilleries Limited (CDL) made its mark in their home state, by establishing their popular whisky, rum, vodka, gin brands as the preferred liquor brands in their respective categories. A journey that began with the launch of their whisky brand India No.1, CDL embarked upon their mission of manufacturing international quality liquor on Indian soil back in 1988. Over the next couple of years, CDL introduced a multitude of liquor brands across categories, to cater to the evolving tastes of alcohol lovers in the state and expand its brand offerings as per the audience’s preference.

Gradually, the alcohol consumers in the state started embracing the wide variety of whisky labels manufactured under the CDL brand. Their most popular liquor brands like India No.1, Red Indian Rum and Goa Special whisky etc. struck the right note with liquor lovers in Chhattisgarh and the vocal for local distillery started becoming the preferred choice for individuals for their daily/ occasional consumption. With a vision of “Creating Finest Spirits”, CDL then grew leaps and bounds, to become the largest beverage alcohol manufacturer in the state. Simultaneously, the love showered by liquor consumers in their home state, encouraged CDL to explore new territories and foray into northern states of India.

Equipped with the apt blend of global practices and modern manufacturing techniques, CDL has recently launched its bottling plant in Haryana, to cater to some of the high demand markets of northern India. In line with their expansion plans, CDL team hosted an array of liquor launch events across cities of Mohali, Amritsar, Chandigarh and Karnal etc. to make their presence felt in North India and establish their popular liquor brands India No.1 whisky, Red Indian Rum etc. to appeal to the discerning liquor lovers in these cities. Along with the established whisky and rum brands, CDL also unveiled a new whisky brand – Palm Beach whisky – an exquisite blend blend of high quality Grain ENA and rich Indian malt spirit, with deep gold colour, pleasant aroma, distinct lingering taste and consistent taste & quality, to invoke a sense of satisfaction in the whisky lovers of Haryana. Considering the modern and demanding consumers of liquor in northern India, CDL has also unveiled a more contemporary look and feel for the packaging of its best whisky brand India No.1 Rare Premium in Punjab market. Produced from grain based ENA & blended with premium Indian malt, India No.1 whisky has a legacy of consistency, quality and smoothness in taste & flavour. The blend, with its superior quality & great finesse, resonates well with Chhattisgarh Distilleries Limited’s vision of “Creating Finest Spirits for the Soul”.

Through the liquor launch events, CDL has established its footprint in North India by collaborating with some of the leading distributors/ retailers in the states, to make the popular whisky and rum labels available in Punjab, Haryana etc. The entry of CDL’s liquor brands like India No.1 whisky, Red Indian Rum, Palm Beach whisky etc. will now imply more choice in best liquor brands in Punjab, Haryana etc. for alcohol consumers’ formal and informal gatherings. The launch events witnessed huge crowds of whisky lovers from Mohali, Amritsar, Chandigarh and Karnal cities, welcome CDL (Chhattisgarh Distilleries Limited) team with open arms and shared their liking for all their brands like india No.1, Red Indian Rum, Palm Beach whisky etc. after tasting the liquor brands. With vibrant music, fantastic food and enthusiastic participation from the liquor distributors, liquor retailers and liquor lovers, in individual events across cities of Punjab and Haryana, the showcase of liquor brands of CDL made a lasting impression on all attendees.

With strategic collaborations, dealer tie-ups and channel partnerships, CDL team has made a strong entry in northern market to make their best selling liquor brands available on shelves along side other whisky brands in Haryana & Punjab. At par with global liquor manufacturers, CDL, with its array of liquor brands in market, is executing its vision as a creator of fine spirits that encapsulate the uniqueness of Indian flavours for a global palate. While the growth for CDL in serving their home market has been phenomenal, the sight of its visionary leaders are now firmly set on gradually expanding into the entire Indian market and winning all Indian liquor lovers’ hearts.

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