Awesome Evenings with Red Indian Rum

The monotonous routines and sedentary lifestyles of the working population of India, clubbed with the need to socialize, unwind and travel on a frequent basis, gives rise to the increase in liquor consumption in urban markets across the country. Dominated by the young generation of an ever-evolving nation such as ours, the trends of social gatherings, public outings and regular travel, have witnessed a sea change over the last couple of years. While the regular whisky drinkers find their preferences spread across a multitude of brands of various tastes, profiles, budgets etc., the ones who savour rum, usually like sticking to a very limited number of brands, as per their preferred flavour profile.

While the rum lovers in older and matured age groups used to be fond of enjoying an occasional evening/ night drink, the advent of newer generations, who have been seen enjoying their favourite rum brands in their daily social meetings, family gatherings and travel routines, has ushered in a change of consumption across all age groups. Now, with a limited preference for old and new brands of rum, the discerning Indian drinker has opened up to enjoy rum with water/ soda/ other soft drink or neat, in almost all types of social, formal and family gatherings.

Red Indian XXX Deluxe Rum, a brand owned by Chhattisgarh Distilleries Limited (CDL), is one such brand of dark rum, which has become the choice of many rum lovers. Red Indian Rum has a dark, full- bodied colour & distinctive rich taste that gives it depth in flavour & makes it alluring for adventurers & aficionados. Presently it is available in pack sizes of 750 ml, 375 ml and 180 ml, in a glass bottle that has a squat square bottom and a deep neck metal closure with slender neck.

With its origin in Chhattisgarh, Red Indian Rum has spread wings to northern and eastern India and is available in Haryana and West Bengal markets as well. Set to conquer other markets in North India and later on, with its availability in other parts of the country, it will soon be the coveted rum brand in all social gatherings and daily evening routines of rum lovers in India. After all, to make every evening awesome, every rum lover should have in stock – Red Indian Rum.

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