How CDL is looking at COVID-19

On March 22, a single announcement from our Hon’ble PM was to drastically pave the way for the rest of the year. The Janata Curfew, followed by state after state announcing lockdown, led to a complete halt for all businesses and economic activities throughout the Nation.

This was a pivotal moment for each one of us - Individuals and Corporations - to show that we understood the stakes, and act accordingly. It was a time for all companies to truly walk-the-talk and demonstrate care and concern for employee well-being, above everything else. And that’s what we did.

As a company that employs over 1200 people, CDL took initiatives that ensured that our people’s safety and well-being was the top-most priority. Apart from suspending operations, we also ensured that all of our employees felt secure and that everyone’s employment was in-tact.

We also stepped up and decided to manufacture hand sanitizer that was the need of the hour. These were distributed at a minimal cost across towns and cities in Chhattisgarh. When we resumed operations, all of our staff was equipped with PPE, and strictly followed all social distancing protocols.

To ensure that our customers continue to enjoy their favourite brands, we have worked round-the-clock to establish multiple distribution channels to help people get access to their favourite beverages, with ease.

With this, we hope to enjoy your continued patronage in the times to come.

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