Enjoying a Social Drink

Earlier, getting together with colleagues, friends and relatives, used to be a weekend or monthly affair, usually combined with either pending or occasion specific booze parties, to unwind and relax. However, with evolving times and budding youth population of India, the discerning alcohol consumer opened up to the concept of “Social Drinking”, which eventually led to a flourish of beverages across various alco-bev categories. Not only did people have an option of savoring a multitude of brands across categories of whisky, rum, gin and vodka, but the idea of hanging out frequently for a drink, also caught on like wild fire. The routine of meeting for drinks became a social norm and allowed the working Gen X, Millennials & Gen Z crowds to beat the stress, before retreating to their dens after slogging hard at their workplaces.

While this norm of catching up for an occasional drink seems like a fancy concept, confined to the urban crowds, it is an equally established routine for the smart and practical youngsters from tier II or tier III cities of India. Even though the preferences and buying behaviour of alcohol consumers may vary from metros to smaller towns, the planning for a calm & relaxed evening (outside or at home with colleagues/ friends/ relatives) largely remains similar and depends on a host of factors/ filters that help in shortlisting the drink one wishes to savour. These factors/ filters that let you decide your choice for the day, range from time of the day to the weather outside, mood during the day to the budget in mind and finally the place where you wish to relax to the kind of people you will have for the rendezvous.

Now, while the final choice might vary from age group to location to budget and so on so forth, primarily what people usually seek is value for money alcohol brands while planning an evening of fun. CDL (Chhattisgarh Distilleries Limited), with their array of offerings in whisky, rum, gin and vodka, have been brewing some of the best brands of whisky for more than 30 years now. Chhattisgarh’s largest spirit and liquor manufacturing distillery, CDL, has manufactured a variety of alcohol brands like India No.1, Palm Beach, Goa Special, Red Indian, Iceberg etc. over the last few decades and have also established their budget friendly whisky brands in Chhattisgarh, Delhi NCR, Haryana, Punjab & Kolkata. Not everyday can consumers across high liquor consumption markets in India, relish the expensive foreign brands, which implies the need of having Indian liquor brands like India No.1 whisky, Palm Beach whisky, Goa Special whisky, Red Indian rum, Honey Drops Brandy, Iceberg vodka etc. that offer smooth flavour, rich taste and affordable pricing, for the abundant social drinkers in India.

So, the next time you are planning a social drinking evening/ night with your loved ones, make sure that you also explore value for money whisky, rum, gin and vodka brands from the house of CDL (Chhattisgarh Distilleries Limited).

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