A taste that has been enjoyed by India since 1988. CDL is a family-run venture from the hinterlands of Chhattisgarh, a state that is known for its lively culture and cuisine. It was started with a vision to introduce world-class liquor to the Indian palate. Over the years, CDL has worked to consistently introduce and add global best practices when it comes to crafting liquor and today it is the largest liquor manufacturing facility in the state. It has been the name behind many top-selling Indian Made Foreign Liquor brands across the sub-continent such as: Goa Special Whisky, India No1 Whisky, Iceberg Gin, Karlov Vodka, Goa Special Rum among others.
In a bid to expand its product market even further, CDL has made considerable investments that would enable it to manufacture some of the finest aged, grain whiskys. The group is already behind some of the most popular selling brand names for craft beer in India such as Bira and its upcoming product line.
With over 1500 employees, CDL today is an institution that is closely grounded to its mission – to create fine spirits. A painstaking process that requires 100% perfection at every stage.

We thrive in
making fine spirits
that enrich the
taste & soul

Relentlessly working towards being recognised as India’s best-performing and most trusted beverage alcohol company that caters to local as well as global audience with its outstanding collection of liquors and spirits.