Putting Indian Whiskey on the Global Tippler’s Map

The Scotts have always proclaimed first rights to Whiskey - you might have heard that “it’s not Scotch if it’s not made in Scotland!” Similarly America claims its rights to Bourbon Whiskey, a corn-based elixir with a very high content of alcohol. Legally, only Bourbon made on US Soil can be sold as Bourbon.

In Asia, Japanese Whiskeys have made their mark on the global market. Brands such as Hibiki, Yamazaki and Yoichi are all legacy brands, with a minimum maturation age of 12 years - the Japanese whiskey market serves a discerning consumer. This is evident from the relatively high price point of each of these brands and yet they are all brands that did maximum sales in recent years.

When it comes to Indian Whiskey, which is mostly molasses based (which is not regarded highly in the world of premium whiskey), there is a big gap, just waiting to be filled. At CDL, we recognised this opportunity and invested in setting up a malt plant along with a maturation hall for maturing and storing matured malt as a forward integration with an initial investment of 6.5 Cr. just towards the plant and machinery and another 20 Cr. for storage of maturated malt having varied ages, in assorted wooden barrels. The initial capacity we envision for this plant is around 3000 LPD.

Our sourcing of the finest ingredients, both domestically as well as internationally, would further strengthen our product value for the discerning Indian consumer of premium brands, a segment that we are gearing up for in the coming months.

In terms of flavour profile, India has a lot of uniqueness to offer, from local rich coffee to indeginous fruits and flowers, there is a lot that is to be explored. A journey that CDL is excited to be embarking upon soon.

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