The Spirited Tale Of An Unforgettable Year

Drawing curtains on last financial year – a landmark year full of uncertainties, slowdown, tough decisions and a courageous comeback – we reminisce the strategies, plans, meetings and ground-level efforts invested by every member of CDL family, to recuperate from the widespread impact of covid-19 and curtail its impact on business. A core business for Oneseed (our group company), Chhattisgarh Distilleries Limited is also the flagship venture of Oneseed Group, was set up in the pre-liberalization era to manufacture international quality liquor on Indian soil and become the state’s largest spirit and liquor manufacturing distillery as per 2018-19 audited results. With rapid strides in the past three decades of its existence, CDL gained a strong foothold in the field of Spirit (Extra Neutral Alcohol & Rectified Spirit), Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and Country Liquor (CL), and also expanded it’s facilities to foray into operations and sales of CO2 gas, DDGS and Ethanol. A regular supplier of IMFL and CL to the state of Chhattisgarh, the company has a wide range of offering in various liquor categories like whisky, rum, gin, vodka, brandy etc. Last year, however, entailed unprecedented adaptations in operating business, postponement of expansion plans, identifying new lines of business and maintaining continued support for more than a thousand committed members of the CDL family, to spiritedly move ahead under the visionary leadership of the Management, in alignment with the Oneseed group’s culture for bringing people together towards a common goal. From ensuring immediate access to sanitizers, masks, gloves, shields etc. for the operating workforce, to setting up free meal camps for workers, their families & nearby citizens to providing required support for affected families, CDL left no stone unturned in making a safe return to workplace for all employees.

(Food Distribution done by Chhattisgarh Distilleries Limited (CDL) for Labourers in Kumhari, Durg)

Finding steady ground with eventual re-opening of licensed liquor stores in the state, implementation of processes for safety of workforce and a renewed spirit to progress against the tide, the entire team of CDL portrayed exemplary courage to bring the momentum back in the business. Gradually, as the overall scenario started improving, the business witnessed a surge in demand for best whisky brands India No.1, Goa Special and Palm Beach etc. known for their blend quality and smoothness. Reflecting upon the unusual financial year, while CDL prioritized focus on ensuring wellness of its workforce while pursuing the business goals, forecast and the roadmap for current financial year is extremely exciting, future oriented and set for an accelerated growth trajectory for all stakeholders. With our vision to “Craft the Finest Spirits for the Soul” and a legacy of manufacturing some of the best selling liquor brands like India No.1, Goa Special, Palm Beach, Red Indian, Karlov, Iceberg etc. in Chhattisgarh, CDL is all set to expand operations, distribution and sales of its top selling whisky brand India No.1 in Delhi NCR, Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal and other markets in India. As a highly trusted, well reputed brand of Chhattisgarh, we are now embarking upon a new journey of launching our best selling liquor brands in newer geographies of India, to let the whisky consumers of Delhi NCR, Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal etc. experience the quality and smoothness of the finest liquor blends soon.

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